Holy Apostles Orthodox Church
Parish Council

The Parish Council takes care of the business side of the parish. Members are elelcted at the annual parish meeting
for a two-year term. If you have a question, concern or want more information about the parish, contact a council member.
The concil meets once a month (usually the third Sunday of the month) following the Agape meal. The council meetings
are open to all who wish to attend.

2017 Parish Council Members

The Very Reverend G. Thomas Moore Rector and Chair of the Parish Council


Greg Hayda - Warden

Cindy Buxhoeveden - Secretary

Casey Lown - Treasurer &
Bookstore Manager


Charlie Walters

Olga Solntseva

Michael Hodge

Joshua Fowler


Melangell Hartwell - Parish Secretary & Bookstore Asst. Manager


Michael Prestash - Treasurer Advisor


Nick Carmine - IT & Web Master