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The faithful of Holy Apostles Orthodox Church welcome you to our website. We hope it is informative, and that it helps you in your pilgrimage to know God more fully. If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to contact me at or call at (803) 926-8744.  Whether you are a fellow sojourner to the Kingdom or curious about how our Lord Jesus Christ has been worshipped and followed for 2000 years, we at Holy Apostles invite you to “come and see” (John 1:46) – Archpriest Thomas Moore

For those of you familiar with Orthodoxy, we are a parish of the Orthodox Church in America (  Begun as the missionary outreach of the Russian Orthodox Church to America, the OCA was granted autocephaly (independence) from the Russian Orthodox Church in 1970.  We preserve, pass on, and persevere in two thousand years of theology, doctrine, worship, and moral teaching which flow seamlessly from the fullness of the apostolic witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are in communion with the larger body of canonical Orthodox Churches throughout the world including the Russian, Greek, Jerusalem, Antiochian, Romanian, Georgian and other national churches.  We are one with these historical worshipping communities, striving together in synergy with the Holy Spirit to be the image and likeness of Christ in word, deed, thought and loving service to others (lex orandi lex credendi).  While our community consists of many people from all parts of the world that are traditionally Orthodox, more than two thirds of our parishioners are Americans who have turned to Orthodoxy from another faith tradition (or no tradition at all).  We preach the wonder of the Gospel of Jesus Christ unto salvation for all who have ears to hear, and we encourage you to visit and worship with us.

Our unity in faith, doctrine and theology is maintained by the diversity of our parish community.  Not only will you find peoples from across the globe represented in our membership, but you will also find young families and large families; senior citizens and students, professionals and blue collar workers, single adults, and many children.  We hope that you will take the time to visit and introduce yourself to us.

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