In our diverse and pluralistic culture, the Orthodox Church can sometimes seem like a vast liturgical dinosaur, something that has frozen in time, that represents an obsolete era or a dead ritualism. Yet the experience of the faithful Orthodox Christian is that his faith is very much alive, dynamic, relevant and applicable at every moment. This is no dead ritualism, but a living tradition. This faith is also trustworthy, just as Christ Himself is - the same yesterday, today and forever.

Orthodox Christianity is also not a “niche” religion, suitable only for a certain ethnicity, temperament, age, or social status. Orthodoxy is a timeless, universal and saving way of life. Orthodox Christianity is a dynamic, divine program for the healing of the soul, given by God and bringing mankind and all the cosmos into harmony and communion with the Holy Trinity in Jesus Christ.

We can’t summarize the entire life of the twenty centuries of the Orthodox Church’s presence on Earth in a short presentation. It’s hard even to summarize what it means for one person to live as an Orthodox Christian. Nevertheless, through this brief series, we hope that you have been introduced to what it means to be Orthodox.

You are invited to come and experience our worship with us, which is the heart of our life and our common journey to knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, with His Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Series provided by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick and St. Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church