Fr. Thomas is the focal point for charitable giving and acts. If anyone becomes aware of a person in need please see Fr. Thomas as soon as possible and he will look into the need and determine the best response. 

Food Pantry

Rdr. Quartus is the head of our food pantry ministry. Please contact him and see what support he might need or who might need food from the pantry.

International Orthodox Christian Charities

Fr. Thomas serves as a  Frontliner for IOCC. The IOCC has a crises response team that responds to disaster areas in the US and overseas to bring volunteer support into disaster areas. They had a major deployment of aid into the Columbia area when we had our floods in October 2015 as well as to Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. They also deployed teams to Haiti to render aid after a hurricane caused widespread damage. Please see Fr. Thomas if this is of interest to you.


Dn. Nicholas is our Pro-Life advocate. His ministry consists of prayer outside the local Planned Parenthood Clinic during the days that they do abortions. His ministry is non-confrontational as it is strictly prayer, not getting involved with the clientele or the other Pro-Life advocates. During 40 Days for Life, Dn. Nicholas organizes a group from our parish to go on a day when the clinic is closed and hold a prayer vigil for several hours outside the clinic. If you are interested in participation in this prayer ministry, please see Dn. Nicholas.

Saint Nicholas Festival

The Saint Nicholas Festival is held every year on the first Saturday in December and honors Saint Nicholas of Myra. The Temple is open for tours and concerts of Orthodox liturgical hymns. Fr. Thomas dresses as Saint Nicholas and lectures on iconography, Christmas, and Saint Nicholas. Local vendors sell their wares and a Christmas shop encourages children to purchase gifts for their parents. Children enjoy activities such as face painting, and arts and crafts. There is quality popcorn for sale, Russian and Ethiopian Cafés for sampling of the cuisine of each nationality, and the famous cookie walk. The proceeds of the festival are donated to local charities.  If you have the desire to help, contact one of the coordinators a few months before the festival and learn how you can help. Coordinators: Cindy Buxhoeveden, Luther Lown, and Christopher Rickman.

Shut-In Visitation

The clergy and some laity are involved in visiting our shut-ins. The clergy brings Communion to those who are home bound and cannot come to liturgy and the laity brings the precious gifts of time and presence. If you know of anybody who needs visitation or you desire to give of your time and talent, please see Fr. Thomas. 

12 Step Programs

Rdr. John Braxton heads up this vital ministry. He has an Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step group that meets in the old parish hall every day at noon and there is a Narcotics Anonymous group that meets daily at 7:00 am in the same location. If you know anyone who needs a good group or you are struggling with addiction issues, please see Rdr. John for details.


Altar Servers

Sdn. John Brown heads this internal ministry of the church. Altar servers assist the clergy in the performance of the Divine Liturgy and other services. Any adult male of this parish, in good standing, is invited to join the team. Boys that are seven or older may also serve with their fathers. If you desire to serve, see Sdn. John.


Catechism is the process by which people are made ready to become Orthodox Christians.  Dan Buxhoeveden, Dn. Nicholas and Fr. Thomas are the ones responsible for this process which is geared to individual needs of instruction as well as generalized instruction. This important ministry prepares people to become full members and disciples of Christ.

Church Bookstore

The Philokalia Bookstore, located on the street end of the Saint Nicholas Hall, is run by Casey Lown. It is an excellent source of books, candles and incense supplies. Casey is looking for volunteers to train to open the bookstore more often than it currently is. Click here for store hours. We would like to open the store more often, so if you are interested and have time to help, please see Casey.

Church Choir

Our excellent church choir is ably directed by Rdr. Christian Borgheresi, who has extensive musical training. He is always looking for new members who can sing, preferably read music, and can be a regular attender of services. These are not just confined to Divine Liturgy but also Wednesday and Saturday Vespers and other services that periodically occur on week days. If you are interested, please see Christian to offer your talents.

Church School for Children

This is a new ministry started by Jonathan and Sabrina Vilord. Its purpose is to provide basic Christian education to our young to help them grow in the faith. The children are dismissed right after Communion and rejoin their parents in the fellowship hall after liturgy. If you have a child who is not enrolled, please see the Vilord’s and have them participate. The ages for this class are ages 6 through 12.

Church Secretary

Our church secretary is Melangell Harwell. She is the administrative support of this parish and serves this vital role very ably. New members are encouraged to see Melangell to ensure we have your birthdate and the other important dates that we celebrate at the end of every Sunday liturgy.

Church Warden

The church warden is an important position that assists in the administration of the Parish Council, and the physical plant of the Temple and grounds.

Fellowship Meals

Tatiana Zheltov heads this ministry to the parish. There are 10 teams that provide the fellowship meals after liturgy. It is an opportunity to use one’s cooking skills to support our fellowship and to bless the members of the parish. If this is a ministry that suits, please see Tatiana.

Parish Council

The council is the governing body of the parish that makes financial decisions and guides the parish through the setting and meeting of goals. The council meets monthly to discuss issues and make decisions. All adults are encouraged to attend the open meetings to keep informed on progress. 

Prosphora Preparation

This ministry trains and schedules individuals to prepare the prosphora for Divine Liturgies. This is a very holy and necessary ministry and it requires training to be able to participate. Please see Mat. Kyra if you are interested in joining this ministry.

Saint Moses the Black Brotherhood

Our local chapter of this important society is headed by Jonathan and Sabrina Vilord. Its purpose is for us as individuals and as a parish to create within us and between us and others a spirit of reconciliation. In these volatile times, it is important for us to be ambassadors of Christ and be agents of reconciliation. We meet Wednesday evening after Vespers for a short session. If you wish to help, please see Jonathan or Sabrina to become part of this vital ministry.

Saint Theophan's Youth Group

Our youth group meets on Sundays after Divine Liturgy from 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm in the old parish hall under the leadership of Luther Lown and Kristine Keane. If you are in interested in being part of this group, which is focused on harboring a community of spiritual growth for students between the ages of 15 and 18, please contact Luther or Kristine.